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US Gov is Hostile to US Citizen Crypto Users

I was doing a double take to look at the fees on coinbase and I realized it is by far the highest in the industry. Even my backwater offshore forex sites that charge a 22% spread which I thought was criminal are half as much as coinbase. .22% vs .50% on coinbase.

I just saw even more bad news. Apparently the holding company for ledgerX the exchange did a hostile take over and put the CEOs on administrative leave. I find it extremely fishy that the only non legacy wallstreet derivative exchange that is regulated in the united states has repeatedly had huge set backs and drama, it strikes me as though there is a concerted effort by the likes of Baakt, Fidelity, and CME to engage in monopolistic behavior.
Then we look at the total shitshow that Bittrex became, and then Poloniex boots Americans completely, Binance is forced into making a US division which they give executive powers to a ripple wallstreet CEO. Local Bitcoins is shut down. Mnuchin on tv making open threats to bitcoiners. ICO bans. Endless IRS bullshit.
What blows my mind is that the obvious isn't obvious to the average american crypto user. That the government is making concerted anti free market decisions to absolutely knee cap our options, driving exchanges out of the space and colluding with Brian Armstrong while basically doing everything it humanly can to give the reigns to wallstreet with extreme and I mean EXTREME intermediary custodian bullshit by the likes of fidelity. They refuse to give us regulated high leverage derivative platforms, don't allow retail to even fucking use CME or Baakt.

Honestly the only good regulated platform left is Kraken. If they take Kraken I'm just hodling and resorting to legacy finance where I can at least trade crude oil in fucking peace.

The point of the story, is that Andreas Antonopolis is right about everything. We need an interchain, we need full DeFi unseizable DEX ecosystems with no FUCKING EXCHANGE NO FUCKING EXCHANGE REGULATED BY THE USA NO NO NO.
We need defi everything. I saw a guy in china working on building a DEX version of bitmex, I say good riddance, DEX everything, until there's nothing left to DEX. Host it all on IFPS.
You sheeple really gotta wake up and stop letting the boomers regulate us into poverty, the regulatory situation in the united states is disgraceful. They are trying to make bitcoin not bitcoin. If you give them an inch they will take a mile.
We need the #interchain with the likes of plasma and cosmos, and raden, and so forth. These son of a bitches keep talking about intermediaries. and custodian this, and everything about goddamn walstreet,

Take a look around, look at cash app, coinbase, bitterex, poloniex, gemini, the options for US citizen are a steaming pile of horse shit.

We can't settle for this.
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Understanding Fundamental Effects on Price

Another really huge issue with the btc community in general, and this reddit especially, is the lack of nuance on price. And again, an unwillingness to accept critique.
There are several scenario that can play out with price, but in some of those scenario, we may even see a huge price pump, while *still failing at adoption*. And I think that's an important distinction to make. Just because wallstreet pumps the price for reasons that only concern the rich and institutions, does not equate to adoption. It does not equate to us making vital changes for the betterment of the network and adoption. It just doesn't.

Wallstreet is perfectly content with hyper regulated bitcoin that is totally irrelevant for the common man and unadopted and unused, they are perfectly fine treating bitcoin as a glorified sovereign bond and international form of settlement. That is how the institutions and rich see it. They see it much like they see bonds and gold, and are willing to treat it as such. This is even a positive in some regard because it brings monetary transparency into the banking and wealth sector.

But it does not address cypherpunk, emancipatory politics, or global poverty, or individual sovereignty. And it is acheived largely through extreme centralization and hyper invasive surveillance. Be clear, they can pump the price to 250,000 while still controlling everything through Patriot Act, AMLD5, NDAA, and FACTA and the banking secrecy Act. All of which Bitcoin is entirely ideologically incompatible with. But that's just fine, because the rich already comply with those laws (mostly). They already price in the regulatory and compliance costs of an institution, of an offshore tax haven.

That's just it. IT's fine for them to do this to btc, because the laws are designed for them. They create the barriers only they can afford to play in, while hurting it for everyone else.

The average common man in the world, and any developing country should be able to easily acquire btc without kyc. Period. It shouldn't be a surveillance state. I recently listened to Peter McCormack interview a darkmarket guy and I completely agree. We need to engineer away from on ramps, we need to engineer away from payment gates that involve fiat, and we need to all use coinjoiners and mixing technology. It needs to be the standard. There are so many reasons to use coinjoining for non illegality. Privacy is a fundamental need.

And internet 4.0 for finance is contingent on a lot of technology. These aren't really coins either. It is backbone technology to better facilitate bitcoin. But we have to have layer two solutions. It doesn't matter whether it's RSK or plasma, or both, we just need the secondary layer to pay for distributed processing, server function, matching, liquidity, file storage, atomic swaps, network gas, etc. DeFi network value cannot be conflated with the supply and demand of btc itself, we don't need permissioned side chains, we need permissionless open source side chains and interoperatibilty platforms that will protect the privacy of bitcoin and facilitate it on decentralized exchanges. On exchanges that cannot be taken down. To do that we need staggering amounts of technology innovation and thoroughput, that will require people to host nodes, mine and stake these ancillary services to protect the backbone of bitcoin commerce.

Anyone who is into toxic maximalism. Let it be known that you are willfully promoting corporate bitcoin supported by massive centralized players who will treat it as a bond or settlement statist instrument. You're promoting the support of bitcoin on an entirely captured regulatory framework and an entirely captured unsafe unsecure regular internet controlled by the clearnet and amazon and google and heavily surveiled. .Org just privatize for fuck sakes. And any DNS can be compromised, any .com site can be siezed. This normal backbone is entirely inappropriate for bitcoin. Centralized exchanges and payment apps like cash app are entirely inappropriate for bitcoin.

You should be able to visit a IFPS site, connect a hardware wallet to any DEX or DAPP and immediately trade with the same speed and liquidity of binance and bitmex. The user interface should be simple and approachable to the layman. We need a liquidity interbank controlled by SPV server and dark node. Payment incentives for people to host liquidity to the network on plasma, radon, cosmos, uniswap, eventually all the DEX will simply be connected by interchain liquidity.

Crypto has to be extremely unfettered. The regulators and wallstreet have strangled it and will continue to do so. Some people have forgotten that this is a battle for financial sovereignty and protection against wealth confiscation. Only when they realize that they can't control us, will they be forced to sit down at the legislative table and negotiate with common people. You have to bring your government to heel.
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Bitcoin Isn't Meant For Conventional Westphalianism (Republicanism)(Statism)

Let me give you an idea of the vantage point and perspective I come from.
I *am a quant, and a trader, and someone well read in law* I hate wallstreet, because I understand how the western economy works, and obviously I understand the technicals of trading and quant work. So I know the angles they play. And I understand regulatory behavior, I have a background in environmental regulatory work ( left because it's corrupt no surprise).
You people obsessed with price at any cost or calling everything FUD have no long term view of things. If we get a economic collapse, a real crash, *the happening*, Bitcoin is going into the hundreds again. At this point, bitcoin is dependent on wallstreet, dependent on the same economy we supposedly disagree with.
They've written the laws in the united state to only benefit the rich and institutions, and banned us off almost all exchanges. The only thing americans can use are basically three major names with piss poor liquidity and catastrophic fees. No one even talks about this. You HAVE to trade on unregulated exchanges to get by. Losing binance was a massive loss. The rich and powerful in united states have plans for bitcoin totally antithetical to cypherpunk.

We don't just need mainstream adoption, we need mainstream adoption of bitcoin WITH mainstream adoption of things like bisq and wasabi. This needs to become the norm, and yet they instead are planning on geofence locking bitcoin on a system of white listed exchanges, institutions, and wallets, trapping and tagging kyced bitcoin.

The thing people have to realize is that the money laundering that is done, is done through Deutsche bank and HSBC and the likes, by the drug cartels, human right violating dictators, war criminals , shell companies for defense companies and spin offs of intelligence agencies. It's all done with cash and the us dollar and banks. The worst people who run the super PAC for election, the worse people who hold trillions offshore and dominate the third world with multinational corporations, Russian oligarchs, all of them use the system and its loop holes to do all the things that they are trying cite as a reason to impose on bitcoin all of these extreme regulations.

They want secrecy for themselves. Period. They want to control and oppress us, and use secrecy for themselves. Most of the reason western governments are broken is because of multinational conglomerate and monopolistic economic cartels buying out regulatory agencies. Period. It's called a inverted totalitarianism. (From Lawerence Lessig's Lost Republic). The economic cartels own the regulatory agencies. No regulatory body in the united states does what it really should do. But more often the opposite, specifically to protect industry, and their trillions offshore. The people who have all this wealth and control these profit entities don't even keep the money in the states or pay taxes. The truly rich live above the law while wrecking democracy.

They want to have the ability to do the worst possible shit with the same level of secrecy that monero implies. So not only do we need encryption and privacy coins and features and anonymous untraceable access to bitcoin just to protect ourselves from them, we need to empower ourselves by having the same level of financial access that they do.

Think about it. What is the effect of the rich institutions making so many loopholes that allow them to move money and participate in functions of the market that the average person is prohibited from? It encourages and enables their ability to subvert democracy secretly with the very financial crimes they accuse of us.

So we need to take very deadly serious interchains and DAPP and DEX and DEFI, the wasabis, the mixers, monero, commerce adoption, and INFRASTRUCTURE that supports it. You people acting like maximalist can be so dense FFS. OPSEC. The world doesn't need bitcoin full node on backdoored windows 10 with zuck and the nsa watching you take a shit. The hardware and ancillary gear and infrastructure that supports bitcoin matters. Linux matters, user interface matters, commerce acceptance matters, server technology and security matters, even the processor matters, there are IBM and RISC V chips now,. The internet and bitcoin along with it needs to be violently dragged into open source models. Corporatization and closed gardening and the mcdonaldification of bitcoin is going to end in tragedy.

Bitcoin really is intended to be an anarchist apparatus. Bullshit to the citadel loving maximalist power tripping on some sort of libertarian randian american centric fantasy. You need to pay attention to why democracy doesn't work, why our political systems are broken, why these aspects of government only seem to empower the worst aspect of wallstreet criminality and financial crisis. Because it's how a late republic behaves, it's inherent in the flaws of republicanism, in electoral politics, in these hierarchical regulatory bodies, which are in no way self governing.

Our regulatory bodies are the literal opposite of Don't trust, Verify
but more Don't verify, Trust.
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We Need To Recreate Interbank Liquidity on The Blockchain

There is an example, there are a couple examples at least. Thorchain and Ren VM are related to liquidity, but not perfect. You can research them.
Crypto doesn't just have a huge problem with liquidity on decentralized exchanges, it has the issue on centralized exchanges. It's a huge problem. And if we solved it, virtually everyone would benefit. Like seriously, for the usual shit poster responses to my posts. Dude, you're saying you don't want universally better liquidity? Ok, really, who supports that?
Crypto has to avoid the golden cage. The banks want to do to us what they did to binance, forcing binance usa onto people with non existent liquidity. The US is a menace to crypto and rather than outright banning crypto it is engaging in a de facto soft ban that no one recognizes as a ban. But the golden cage effect is a soft ban, and next they are going to prohibit you from withdrawing to a normal hardware wallet. We absolutely have to take bitcoin and crypto away from the wallstreet regulations trying to make it only a tool for the rich. You gotta realize that.

Regulations and a lack of technology are why we don't have liquidity. The repo market and interbank liquidity is how legacy finance moves money around in the background for liquidity, we need the same thing for crypto, but outside that system.

SPV servers, hosted nodes, game theory incentives, oracle and interoperability protocols on layer 2, PUBLIC PERMISIONLESS side chains, NOT LIQUID. There are a lot of ways to skin the cat, but its definitely all very difficult technology challenges. Liquidity is the missing aspect. Everyone is keen about atomic swaps and DEX, but they are missing the real root issue, and it is liquidity.

For crypto developers the legal and regulatory environment and burden is hyper oppressive. Now everyone needs to be a lawyer or have a team of lawyers to do anything. And clearly the solution to this is to not incorporate in the first world, and better yet be anonymous, but at the bare minimum make everything open source and permissionless, because the regulators are counting on illiquidity and using regulations to fragment the interoperability of platforms, using permissioned enterprise blockchains and platforms and side chains to fragment a working backbone to crypto.

The spot market for people in regulated western countries is getting oppressive, and need I mention that the Japanese and South koreans delisted privacy coins. So we have to do better. I welcome and encourage all constructive information in the comments about resources that we can all use to help develop and build these technologies, so please if you know anything, share it for the good of the community, let's hash it out.
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How to take DigiByte to the next level...

DigiByte not focusing on cryptocurrency is like Apple not focusing on phones or Microsoft not focusing on software. Yes, DigiByte, Apple and Microsoft do more than their core product, but it’s their core product offering that make them leaders in the market and they work from their strengths.
In order to take DGB to the next level, DigiByte needs a clear vision and roadmap of goals which the team can work on achieving (and adding new members to team only helps and some current team members need to adjust their bad mindset and behaviors as its hurts DGB advancement), like getting DGB listed on all remaining big exchanges, making a website and smart contract templates where people can download them and easily and vastly run smart contracts and dapps on the DigiByte blockchain.
Have focused marketing that wants DGB to dominate as THE coin (just like Litecoin’s marketing want LTC to dominate as THE coin and their mindset is why LTC is temporary leading over DGB now and some at LTC are upset in seeing DGB rise up in market cap and DGB gaining on Litecoin recently); for the purpose of building and having any better technology product is for it to be vastly marketed and used worldwide and have global mass adoption as a dominating product in the market.
A few people need to adjust their mindset from a poverty mentality to a prosperity mentality concerning DigiByte and believe the sky is the limit for the DGB price ahead (as some wrongfully rebuke others that want a higher price for DGB); for DGB "deserves" to rise up to #2 in market cap value long-term after Bitcoin (out of respect for BTC being the King of Cryptocurrency), given better technology products always win (and they "deserve" to win) in the end in the market.
Understand, WallStreet made Apple (which has the best technology products) to have the highest market cap in the Stock Market. So, highly likely such will happen in cryptos, but DGB must implement a clear vision and complete the end goals noted above, to this end.
Anyone in the DGB community that demonizes Binance or personally attacks, block and/or pushes away any DGB user from being a DGB customer. Such need to STOP it, as this only sabotages DGB growth. Such don't understand that "keeping" DGB customers is just as important as "gaining" them from DGB marketing.
On YouTube and social media, a disturbing trend is seen, in that, far too many people are now "former" DGB users today and they left DigiByte being offended, because of how they were personally attacked by some in the DGB community, and now they bad-mouth DGB. Those that drove them away laugh about it, not understanding the big long-term picture and ramifications of their negative behavior towards others, in driving them away from DGB.
Yes, some will still lash out in hate and personal attacks on this constructive criticism, not understanding the big picture that is required to take DigiByte to the next level. But the helpful truth is having a clear vision for DGB and working to achieve it with love and positively will help DGB growth; but having no clear vision with hate and negative personal attacks against others in the DGB community by some only sabotages DGB growth.
Congrats to all the DGBAT and marketing efforts by all in DGB community that has helped DigiByte rise up in market cap ranking this year, which means, by default, DGB overtakes its competitors. For Marketing 101 is to gain market share. Each time DGB overtakes another coin or token in market rank ranking, its DigiByte that is dominating or overtaking another coin or token in market share - and DGB marketing wants to see DGB rise up to #2 long-term (or they should, if they truly believe the best technology of DigiByte "deserves" to rise up to the top long term).
Note: some that own both DigiByte and Litecoin are upset as they have a financial interest in both coins. But understand, Coke's marketing does not tell the market to buy Pepsi and all competing drinks too, but Coke markets to gain market share for Coke alone, as with DGB marketing, and the better technology of DigiByte "deserves" to rise up to the top and overtake inferior technology coins, including DGB overtaking Litecoin long-term. This offends those that own both coins, but understand, just as Litecoin marketing is not trying to get people to buy DigiByte, DGB marketing is not trying to get people to buy Litecoin, but of course some will own both, which is great. A few that don't understand what marketing is have got upset, yet they continue to see DGB rise up in market cap rankings, so they should rejoice that DGB marketing this year is working and producing positive results for DGB growing in market cap and gaining share in the crypto market.
Lastly, having the best team behind DGB to implement a clear vision and end goals for DGB advancement is just as important as having the best blockchain technology behind DigiByte, in order to take DGB to the next level. Yes, technology matters, but the team behind the technology matters too in order make that technology a big winner in the market long term.
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Sharing Honest Cash Posts

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I Just Tipped Andrew Yang - universal basic income advocate

Why A Smart Person Should Not Trust Tone Vays

I'm Not The A Great Writer But Here Is Honest Sharing Observation of Behaviour Towards Money (1st World vs 3rd World)

Some Useful Analogy You Could Tell To Newbie Bitcoincash vs Bitcoin People

Caught Up In the Hodlnaut Libel Rally Means Media Easily Influence

Tipprbot is Thunder to BTC Lightning Network and Beats It Hands Down

And my latest posting (*with a small paid section, for those who like it):Introducing Remitano Peer To Peer Bitcoin Marketplace

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New To Cryptocurrency

Well thats pretty much it. I have really no idea what I am doing. That said, I have dome some research and attempted to get started. I have a few wallets as of now, some or most still waiting verification. I have setup at epay, paxful, cryptopay, binance, coinbase, and blockchain as of yet.
I have an interest in some alt coins vs bitcoin but I assume more research in time will determine where I invest and start my new business. I have a little understanding on mining and the hardware used, I am aware of GDAX and some crytpos now being traded on the stock exchange. I see the trend in an upward direction and the IRS is now taking note, the new tax bill has some provisions regarding crypto trading, etc... So I feel it is really happening and the decentalization of money, fiat... is a good thing and a must needed step we have to take if we wish to continue our process of evolution.
I have some questions though: I cannot use my debit card for coinbase because it determines it as a prepaid debit card. Now one is just that, a prepaid visa, I put a small amount of money on it just to get started. The other debit I have is from the federal government. It is an account I can wire from but I cannot wire to. It is not a prepaid account but coinbase determines it as such. I would like to find a way around this. Even though I see the fees and such with CB I still feel I want to get some expereince in with that interface. Im also aware that you can instead of using CB to buy btc, you can use GDAX.
I like the looks of GDAX... and after getting my account made and verified with CB, I went to GDAX to login. I had to authorize my computer to login, and thus after I was given a notice on the login screen claiming my account was temperarily locked and that I had to seek [email protected]. So I went thru that process and after filing for request I received the confirmation of request and now I am waiting for them to get back to me. I used my android to make the CB account. Used a computer to use GDAX, did receive the successful authorization notice and reloaded page to login but was shutout. I know I can purchase btc from GDAX but not sure if my debit cards will work there, as with the issue with CB?
I have similar isses with the other "vendors" or are they simply "brokers" ie broker and wallet...
The paxful and blockchain wallets are up okay but I cannot figure out how to jsut buy btc at the going value noted on coinmarketcap. It seems like, I have to buy btc from a seller, and there are fees from them, and or a third party software or wallet, or broker... and I then can give my wallet address for the deposit. I get the very basic idea here? I had to send in my id, my pasport, my ss number, dob... lol address... these are crucial idenfying factors... I thought this crypto was meant to be anonmyous? What do I not understand? I have read some guides and watched tons of videos but don't think I am understanding it, now that I have a direct intention, or goal, idea, on how I want to use crypto, and that maybe the issue among other things?
paxful for example. is a p2p trade platform, if my assumptions are correct. There, you can buy with debit, or credit, or a direct bank transfer, etc... even some with gift cards, but the small details kinda concern me. I had to get authorized and validated with paxful... but why then do i need to send a pic of my id, passport, write a note, and have the card in hand all in a selfie... if I had verified with the broker? Am I correct to consider paxful the broker in this case? the seller, the individual, is also charging a going rate on top of the actual value of the btc... so Im getting the feeling like, identity scam, theft, AND you loose money in the transfer... lol from usd to btc. At least having the risk of the theft and scam of my ID is enough to close the window and laugh out loud and think just a second, from an idiots perspective, this is no where near anonmyous, no where near safe... what the hell is this shit? I have to buy at one place, then exchange, then I can trade on a different platform, I need to have a hardware wallet so I dont get hacked... I mean ... this seems like a lot to take in all at once and I wish it didnt seem so risky.
There seems to lack a one stop shop for common deals... I just want to walk up to an atm, put in cash and get a receipt with a number or code I can scan and it be added to my wallet, via hardware or software or online... I plan on using online or software with the very little money I decided to invest with at the moment but will be getting a hardware wallet once I understand better what is going on. Also, seems to be a lot of opinions on youtube etc... about likes and dislikes... and it really hurts prospective noobs who needs only the facts and the details so we can make a better choice starting out. I don't mean to be a critic here and not offer something in response that could help, I just don't yet understand this and I have decided to go in, but I really need a GREAT source of information for research, like videos for specific trades, sources, and means.
I'm already discouraged, I set up several wallets, or what I thought was a broker to buy btc and trade on, but there are tons of limitations or transfers I have to do... and now all these companies have my sensitive information. I understand this is all a learning experience and I am not freaking out, :) I just need a little hand holding maybe for a few issues I have atm and once I get past that, I think all will be nice.
I really like GDAX, and want to buy from there, but can I use debit... prepaid debit, and if not, where then can I just pay with prepaid debit straight to btc, and I am okay with then moving it to a waller like blockchain or binance.
Im constantly looking for help with the basics, but am flooded with opinions on which is best to trade, and everyone saying HOW EASY IT IS TO BUY BTC ... okay, maybe true but there are tons of limits or redtape, or even fees... and with the sensitive info. it all just makes it a lil discouraging. Could use some help please. I would really appreciate it. Thanks.
PS - just to note. The new tax laws... yea wtf... I think now maybe crypto may be such the risk its just not worth my identity and the problems with the irs... I have to report and track all transactions... is this why everyone needs my id cards pictures and selfie with me holding it, or whatnot? seems like a great way to get fucked over... for a few bucks.
Looks like, crypto is dead. no anonimity, I have to pay all these fees, I now have to pay tax on EVERY SINGLE transaction... so its looking like its too late. and If I invest now, its just trouble.
Now maybe a new trype of crypto will come out that will be of a different operation, name and function, so that IRS has to make new law for that, ... so that its not considered a crypto currency, because crypto, imho being the moron here, looks like it was targered and its initiative is lost. they did this to kill it. the US dollar is dominate, though I dont think its really is, and eventually it will fall, by design it is not sustainable. I want out... but IDK how to get in to the new without being a target by the IRS, and or having to play by their rules. we want out and the dollar will collaspe, I feel rather concerned and desperate tbh... its kinda scary. fuck the irs. and fuck you wallstreet. i wouldnt mind if you all made out big but with 9/11 and all that insider trading and the wars and wars, and wars,... the collasping of the housing economy... lol youre not even taking care of your own, how the fuck do you expect to survive much longer? its actually comical, retarded at best. if at least you groomed your front yard, maybe america could be great again.
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Bitcoin falls back below $9,000 after Google says it will ban cryptocurrency ads

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 57%. (I'm a bot)
Bitcoin prices dropped 6 percent Wednesday following news that Google, the world's largest online ad provider, plans to ban cryptocurrency advertising.
Tech giant Google announced an update Wednesday to its financial services policy that will restrict advertising for "Cryptocurrencies and related content" starting in June.
Bitcoin fell 12 percent in late January after Facebook announced it would ban ads on "Binary options, initial coin offerings and cryptocurrency." The social media giant said it would prohibit ads for financial products and services "That are frequently associated with misleading or deceptive promotional practices."
Separately, a House Financial Services subcommittee is set to hold a hearing on cryptocurrencies and initial coin offerings Wednesday.
Bitcoin prices dropped from above $11,000 to below $9,000 last week following a statement by the SEC that expanded its scrutiny to cryptocurrency exchanges, and news of compromised accounts on a major Hong Kong-based exchange Binance.
Jack Tatar, co-author of "Cryptoassets: The Innovative Investor's Guide to Bitcoin and Beyond," pointed to continuing regulatory uncertainty in Wednesday's price moves.
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Wall Street Is All In On Ripple XRP And Bitcoin This Line Is Critical For Bitcoin + Binance Scandal BITCOIN , WALL STREET, MERCATI : PREPARIAMOCI ..... Bitcoin Dump Incoming?! Wallstreet Makes More In Crypto Than Stockmarket?  Market Update MUST SEE FACT!!! 309'033 BITCOIN BOUGHT BY WALLSTREET!!! How to SHORT or LONG Bitcoin with Leverage  BINANCE FUTURES TUTORIAL  EXPLAINED for Beginners What Wall Street Really Thinks About Bitcoin And Crypto #Binance Podcast Episode 5 - A Talk with Bitcoin Bull ... These Altcoins will 10x! Binance Coins MOONING! $1 Cardano! Wall Street Pumping Bitcoin! Crypto News PROOF: They Are Lying To You About Bitcoin! Peter Schiff Owns Bitcoin. Wall Street Buying.

Durch eine Analyse der Blockchain erhoffen sich die Behörden, die Einbrecher schnappen zu können, die die Kryptobörse Binance um 7000 Bitcoin erleichtert haben. Bitcoin (BTC) zu USD im Überblick: Bitcoin (BTC) zu USD und historische Kurs-Entwicklung zu Bitcoin (BTC) zu USD. Nachrichten und Bitcoin (BTC) zu USD-Charttool Also read: Bitcoin Mining Roundup: BTC Regains 100 Exahash, Miners Close Shop, Pre-Halving Shake-Up. Binance Will Reportedly Purchase Coinmarketcap.com for $400 Million . Binance has grown quite ... Binance cryptocurrency exchange - We operate the worlds biggest bitcoin exchange and altcoin crypto exchange in the world by volume Bitcoin.com has numerous resources available for anyone to get started learning about and using ... $100 Million Accelerator Fund from Binance Now Supports PARSIQ, a Reverse-Oracle... Nov 3, 2020 ... As Bitcoin price keeps surging no matter what, institutional investors turning their attention to crypto and blockchain techs. In this article, you'll find Bitcoin-friendly companies trading on ... Ob Bitcoin, Ripple XRP, IOTA oder Binance: wir halten dich stets auf dem aktuellen Stand was News, Kurse, Bitcoin Börsen und alles weitere im Krypto-Universum anbetrifft. WER SIND WIR? Meist Gelesen Ripple schafft die Aufnahme in die CNBC-Liste der besten… Jun 19, 2020. Bitcoin Kurs Prognose von McAfee: jetzt soll alles nur ein… Jun 15, 2020. Bitcoin Börse Coinbase treibt Maker Token von ... Binance Coin (BNB) zu EUR im Überblick: Binance Coin (BNB) zu EUR und historische Kurs-Entwicklung zu Binance Coin (BNB) zu EUR. Nachrichten und Binance Coin (BNB) zu EUR-Charttool Hacker haben Bitcoin im Wert von über 40 Millionen US-Dollar (36 Millionen Euro) von Binance gestohlen, einer der weltweit größten Kryptowährungs-Börsen. Dies gab das Unternehmen am Dienstag ... Binance cryptocurrency exchange - We operate the worlds biggest bitcoin exchange and altcoin crypto exchange in the world by volume ... Despite the intraday dips, Chainlink retains its position in the top 5 after a 1% increase. Bitcoin Cash (0.5%), BitcoinSV (5.2%), Binance Coin (2.4%), and Litecoin (1.3%) pump in value from the top 10 coins. Contrary, Polkadot loses 4% and trades at $4.5 ...

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Wall Street Is All In On Ripple XRP And Bitcoin

Altcoins on binance have been going to the moon!! Altcoins are going to pump over the weekend here is why! Cardano could even hit $1 within 2 months! Binance Altcoins Especially!! Will bitcoin ... This Line Is Critical For Bitcoin + Binance Scandal Altcoin Daily. Loading... Unsubscribe from Altcoin Daily? Cancel Unsubscribe. Working... Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe 161K. Loading ... Thomas Lee, Co-founder of Fundstrat Global, joins Wei to share his thoughts from a fundamental valuation perspective on the current crypto market and on the ... 💙Phemex $112 Extra Bonus: https://phemex.com/web/user/register?group=74&referralCode=I4IEK 💛Binance Futures 10% Discount: https://www.binance.com/en/futures/... ripple, bitcoin bottom, bull run, should I buy bitcoin, digibyte, binance, basic attention token, btc, fomo, b1, what is eos, eos vs cardano, eos on coinbase, xphone, cardano shelley, brave ... #criptovalute #bitcoin cosa è #btc #altcoin #binance #investire #guadagnare BITCOIN , WALL STREET, MERCATI : PREPARIAMOCI a questa settimana. TRADINGVIEW ott... Get A Ledger Hard Wallet For Safe Digital Asset Storage http://bit.ly/2HKGIcO Open A Binance Account: https://bit.ly/2BHEn0u Get Cinnamon For Your Coffee Her... They don't want you to know what goes on behind the scenes. Let's get into it. If you'd like to skip the education on Bitcoin's value and go right to the good part skip to 3:21. Follow us on ... “You NEED To Buy Bitcoin Soon; BTC Better BUY Now Than EVER” - $ Genius S. Bogart Reassures HODLERS - Duration: 10:07. TechCashHouse - Best Bitcoin, Stock News 6,584 views 10:07 Bitcoin Breakout Up 8% but Whale Sends $33.8 Mil To Binance! Ready To Dump?! Market Update - Duration: 45:33. Bull & Bear Cryptocurrency Analysis, News & Education 435 views